Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Multi-dimensional man

Karma is a net result of mankind's memorial multi-dimensionality. If you grasp our multi-dimensional presence then dealing with our memorial residues is a cinch. Ray Kurzweil is a noted futurist who has just written a book about the human mind and how he interprets its functions. In a highly mechanistic manner, he attributes all of our processes to pattern-recognition skills and the 300 billion neurons that exist within our crania. His 300 billion pattern recognition neurons/cells/groupings is an approach that falls way short of explaining the reality that we perceive. In fact, his hypothesis virtually proves that such an inadequate situation implies that we must have higher dimensions available to us to allow for what we are able to do. Such as, you might well ask? Without even considering eidetic memories, consider the data required to reproduce each image that makes up any recollection that you have of your past. You can recall, in exquisite detail so many things that 300 billion bits is totally inadequate for full motion replay... (one blu-ray movie can be 100 Gb of "memory") So then, what is the explanation? Like a memory stack in a computer register, each memory neuron (or group of them) is simply a flag or marker for the "location" of the recorded image(s). Those images are held, once recorded, for reference and playback as required. Our own genius is there for us to observe, should we decide that all possibilities exist.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Karmakaze II

Karma comes into existence when one, and only one, condition is met. The required experience must include the establishment of a dominant-submissive relationship. Only this situation can engender the reciprocating and self-propagating nature of the karmic bond. The key element and power of this state of soul lies in the fundamental property of any exchange. Resonance. Under conditions of respect (openness) and autonomy (sharing) the exchange brings about a resonance that serves to raise the vibratory rate of the participants. Raising the vibratory rate clarifies the vision of and surrounds the object under scrutiny. Both parties benefit from this perceptive increase and use this state to adjust their actions accordingly. The density of those actions and its application to the subtle bodies rectifies whatever aspect was unresponsive or misleading. This is how we rid ourselves of illusions and beliefs and benefit from knowing the nature of our reality. Lacking respect and promoting conflict, should the recipient submit, a karmic situation can occur. This is neither obligatory nor inevitable UNLESS submission is continued. In this instance, even resistance is futile, as it is but a form of recognition and thus empowerment of the domination. A resonant state is then entered into and the establishment of the karmic bond is solidified. With each and every contribution, the bond gets stronger and more well defined. As with any form, investing energy in its continuation and refinement is an impedance to evolution as well as a waste of creative energy. As suggested by the Teacher of Righteousness, turning the other cheek (ie NOT participating in the continuation and thusly depriving the resonance of its impetus) is the key. You will recognize the karmakaze by their obstinate approach and intransigence to reality. Rather than realize the impotence of their continued contributions, they will adamantly stick to their position, feeling that they only stand to gain by maintaining their involvement. Both sides of the relationship, no matter how convinced they are of the justification of their actions, will eventually exhaust their reserves and be obliged to add this experience to their baggage for use under different conditions at another time and place. The confluence of these energy flows will bring them back together eventually and resolution is not guaranteed but the spirit knows that this is the only way to nullify the pernicious influence of the bond. Real freedom comes from the strength that we exhibit to rupture the ties that bind and forge the links of our joining together. This is the autonomy that is needed to provide us with the means to take that next level, together.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Every journey is completed on its last step... Karma is just a tally sheet that you use while waiting for the "Jubilee" (ie resiliation and eradication of all debts). IOW, you can only get rid of your karmic involvement by walking away from it. No amount of further borrowing will get you out of debt. (Sounds suspiciously like our current financial situation... in fact, money as a means of exchange was never meant to decrease or diminish, like other forms of the exchange it is designed to add to and to increase.) Consider the human soul and its memorial baggage. Each incarnation is both new and novel (in terms of the ecology and constituent parts of the soul) because you are in a new time and environment. All of what went before and those adjustments associated with them are now included in the whole. Whatever aspects are no longer in need of repair are no longer in the "de-bugging" program.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What you see is not always what you need.

Everyone has their own unique vision. It could not be otherwise. When we attempt to assimilate someone else's, we are only denying the opportunity to expose and develop our own.

Do these unique perspectives contain the same fundamental principles? If they don't then they are illusion and calumny. The purpose of the exchange is to surround the subject so that it may be fully illuminated. We do not become illuminated, we illuminate! That inner light descends from our higher realms that we might use it to better see what and where we are. Those realms are far beyond the heavens of our imaginings. The astral highs and lows are but memories of passages through experience. They can be refined ad nauseam but they can never evolve.

Personally, I am "in" to whatever suits my purpose, as far as advancing my level of consciousness is concerned. That includes the simplest to the most sublime. You never know when you will be present at that decisive moment unless you are present, all the time. No judgement or pre-conceived notions required. Just open awareness and the ability to discern the useful from the illusory.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

You knew it, all the time...

Karma and its various manifestations are all aspects of the same, somewhat delusional, reflections on self-worth. The more you are led to introspection, without the presence of an external aspect, the less you are able to make the link-up with your presence in the material. Simply a question of sending the energy in the "wrong" direction where it serves other purposes than those of your own evolution.

We are not intelligent alone, not because we need confirmation or comparison, but because we can only establish a resonant (and therefore increasing vibrational frequency) state when placed in tandem with another similar presence. The only proviso is that for the two to "connect" they must be in phase. That is why gurus and mentors and teachers can only serve the limited function of indicating the way. They can neither take you there nor provide you access, as long as the relationship of respect that they share with you includes a hierarchical aspect.

The basis of teaching is sharing and that goes both ways. So how to enter into this synergistic symbiosis? That is the reason that we have the natural need to form a couple with our significant other. Respect and intimacy go hand in hand in more ways than one. Getting there can be a lot of fun, but the pay-off comes when you realize that the ultimate connection relies on respect and openness. Fulfill that contract and the sky, and higher, is the limit.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Balance is the absence of interference

Balance is always present so long as we allow it to manifest by reducing our own interferences. Would you make the distinction between emotional hate and mental hate? The former being visceral, irrational and debilitating while the latter is cold, reasoned and devastating? The ego lives in fear and loathing. The person lives with the need to repulse and rectify. To hate all forms of involution and interference with the organizing force of the spirit is not only healthy, it is very necessary.

We have been on a long road of being and it has been a hard slog. Not an uphill climb so much as an avoidance of the downhill forks that keep presenting themselves for our downfall. The continuing occurrences and their ever-increasing ferocity is indeed a sign of the times. The closer we get, the harder they work against us. Yin and yang indeed.

Stalemate? Hardly. They work to stop us. We work to incorporate them. We shall overcome and then we are replete with all that remains. Certainty and assuredness are a product of completeness. Openness allows you to receive all and accept that which is required. Detachment is not a lack of caring as much as it is the end of the need for attachment to that which is unnecessary. Makes sharing easier when you have what you need and everything else is readily available.

The one thing that is sure is that we are designed and present to know whatever is needed for our continuing evolution. Whatever we are exposed to and whatever we can conceive, perceive and receive is a part of that process and it only makes sense that we live it and live in it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reality is just what it is.

We are so encumbered with our material and psychological preoccupations and considerations, that we ignore and disable the conduit that links us to our essence. It is also, to no small extent, part of the ingrained and structural nature of the self that is imposed upon our being, for our own sake. Perception is the key as we must release all aspects of what we believe and embrace what we experience. This comes about under any number of conditions, be they hardship or revelation. The import or the instance does not matter. What is relevant is that the harmony and the synergy of what your state is, relative to where it is, is how it comes to create that peace of mind that is only revealed when we are....totally present.

This is the beginning of the exploration of the upper mental reaches. The supramental, supermind, nirvana, bliss, call it what you will, is where we are headed in no uncertain terms. Achieving this state is natural and effectual. It is a process that occurs under specific, individualized circumstances and is tailor-made to your own requirements. The end result is a communion with self that supersedes all others. The start of the integration of those aspects of the personality that must, eventually and totally be transformed into the person.

It makes no difference how this situation was approached because the preparation was immaterial to the obtaining of that part of your own reality. It is just a question of timing and energy through space such that the confluence of your being met and joined with your own essence. Thus begins the ultimate freeing of the self from the chains that so long have kept it prisoner. Within this, our conscious awareness allows us to move forward, towards the definition and demonstration of why we came here in the first place and how we will be when our journey continues in other realms.

There is no time like the present, because the past is just an excuse for not creating the future.